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Our Food very Simple


This page shows about our daily food

This is just really our simple daily food .So…please, don’t expect to get something special here .This is just really our simple daily food.I want to dedicate my life for my kids; want to keep smiling everyday; want to be happy no matter where we are.Always select the right food and prefer to cook by ourself rather eating out.

Hope my kids try to fight this hard life with soft touch , I want they be happy no matter where there live; love cooking; like eating delicious food done by them self..When getting bored,read recipies and get tried;

These is your time to see some more nice places in the world; don’t always feel miss your home country;

Avoid stressy days,Racism in Campus,

Getting Liar in whatever conditions,

Cheater to yourself, Bad tempered,always heal your soul .

Be patient , not Egoism.


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